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Rocky the Red Hawk

鶹appٷվ State University’s Mascots

Everyone knows and loves our school’s mascot, Rocky the Red Hawk and his sister, Roxy! Rocky and Roxy are dedicated to spreading Red Hawk Pride and frequently attend upwards of 300 events a year.


  • In 1989 鶹appٷվ State University became the Red Hawks.
  • In 2001 “Rocky” was hatched on October 5 after a student vote as our school mascot.
  • In 2014 Rocky was red for about a year due to a mistake in purchasing the costumes.
  • In 2015 the student body voted to keep the brown Rocky as it better resembled the red-tailed hawk that flies over campus.
  • In 2015 Team Rocky was formally established thanks to former Graduate Coordinator Kyle Kowal, former Director Cindy Meneghin and former VP Karen L. Pennington.
  • In 2016 Rocky’s cousin “Ricky” made his official debut. The “Ricky head” was actually created for a child, which is why it’s so much smaller and a little creepy looking.
  • In 2017 Rocky celebrated his birthday for the first time. This party is now an annual campus tradition. Former Graduate Coordinator Bobby Serrani assisted in the planning and execution!
  • In 2018 Rocky got social and can now be found and followed on Instagram thanks to former Team Rocky member Paul McGroarty.
  • In 2018 our popular YouTube series, Rocky on the Street, debuted with our first host former Team Rocky member, Mario Papa.
  • In 2018 Rocky’s little sister “Roxy” made her official debut. Roxy is a girls girl! She is one of a kind, quirky and a little dramatic at times, but will be your biggest fan. Help us celebrate her birthday every March 18!
  • In 2019 Rocky got his very own TikTok account thanks to former Team Rocky member, Taylor Risley.
  • In 2019 Rocky’s “Uncle Roy” made his official debut.
  • In 2020 Rocky went virtual due to COVID-19 but continued spreading Red Hawk Pride from behind the screen.
  • In 2023 Rocky flew to Daytona with the Cheer Team for the NCA tournament for the first time, accompanied by former Team Rocky member, Vanessa Fingerlin.
  • In 2023 Rocky’s best friend “Deacon” joined the family after the merging of 鶹appٷվ State University and Bloomfield College. Deacon has some killer dance moves and even though looks a little scary, is the kindest, sweetest black bear you’ll ever meet. Don’t forget to come in for a bear hug! Help us celebrate his birthday on February 2!
  • In 2024 “Uncle Roy” retired.
  • In 2024 Rocky and Roxy got a much needed glow up and debuted their new looks at the 4th of July parade in 鶹appٷվ.

Request Rocky and Roxy!

Rocky and Roxy are available upon request, pending notice and availability. They loves photo ops, passing out prizes at events, riding around on their golf cart, attending our athletic events and having fun.

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